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Hi - I'm Miriam! 

I believe that every woman can lose weight.

I offer you the fastest transformation you can wrap your mind around!

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Keto and Low Carb Success

No matter which eating style you follow - or even if you follow a diet - it is important to understand three things that are included in the three pillars of my course:

1. Education: How certain foods affect your ability to lose weight or what success you can have just limiting these foods, not necessarily eliminating them.

2. Practical Application: How do you cook for friends and family and how to have your own back.

3. Mindfulness Practices: Did you know that the vitamins SD and BE are the most important vitamins? What are they? Use your hunger scale to find all the food freedom you will ever need.

This course is a step-by-step approach to Diet Success - which so many women have found super helpful! 

*Learn to have the option to never weigh, measure or track your food again.

*Listen to what and how much your body is telling you to eat.

*Trust yourself and all your decisions around food.

The power is within you - I promise!


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Breaking Free From Diet Prison Course


This course is a step-by-step proven program to be successful with Low Carb and Keto. We work with three pillars that will get you out of dieting prison forever!

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Breaking Free From Diet Prison Book


Conquer Cravings with Keto: Easy-to-Follow Approach to Keto and Low Carb is your ticket out of diet prison. Learn, practice and establish your three pillars to lifelong success! 

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Available Coaching


Need help with your journey? I have custom coaching packages to fit any need. My motto is "I meet you where you are and take you to where you want to go."

I would like to learn more!

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Amy Berger

"You are going to help SO MANY people, Miriam.People are desperate for someone like you, who can really speak to a shared experience and perspective. With so many thousands of blogs, podcasts, books, videos, and other sources putting out information, it’s difficult to know whom to turn to for clarity and sensibility.

Miriam Hatoum is a welcome voice of reason and reality in a field that daily becomes more alarmist and sensationalist. (Not to mention overwhelming and confusing!)"

AMY BERGER, MS, CNS and  Author of End Your Carb Confusion with Dr. Eric Westman, The Stall Slayer, and The Alzheimer's Antidote

Coaching Client

“I’ve been living Keto and working with Miriam for a little over a year. So far, I’ve lost 60 pounds and many inches of stored areas of fat that were resistant to leave by any other reducing means I have tried over many years. Without Miriam’s mentoring, I’m sure this process would have been slower and more difficult than it needed to be. Having her firsthand experience and expertise available to me is a big help. She answers my many questions, encourages me when I need a booster shot, and offers constructive suggestions that enable me to make the right decisions for me personally, as I continue along this path toward health and fitness.”


Start here with your free download for Five Steps Out of Diet Prison and The Four Lists You NEED!

Tired of the Diet Rollercoaster?

Hi, I'm Miriam Hatoum. My dieting history will resonate with a lot of you if you have been on and off diets for years and this is not your first time searching for a weight loss strategy.  I will show you several strategies which will help you decide. It might be anything from a low-carb/low-sugar diet to a true ketogenic diet. Keto and Low Carb Success is unique because it gives you the three necessary pillars: education, practical applications and mindfulness practices that will help you find your "why" for making healthy changes and show you how to make the transition to truly taking care of yourself. You are intelligent, capable and a hard worker. You can do it! 

Interested in working with me?

Start here with five steps out of diet prison and the four lists you need!