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Embrace a life of freedom, confidence, and vitality

✓ Leverage the power of Keto and Low Carb to generate lasting results

 Say Goodbye to Endless Dieting

 Take Charge of Your Life...

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Would you like to:

➔ No longer feel broken

➔ Regain vibrant health

➔ Eat "normally" and find peace with food?

It's actually a lot easier than you think. I've cracked the code!

I have the solution for you: 

  • No weighing
  • No Tracking
  • No Measuring your food
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I know exactly what you are looking for.


  • You could lose weight without the weighing & measuring... and KEEP it off! 
  • You could feel amazing and feel vibrant with every sunrise!
  • You could reduce cravings and urges, and not be a slave to them anymore.
  • You could understand that "move more" and "eat less" are the two biggest myths!
  • You quickly and naturally know how to pick foods that feel best in your body. 

By the time you finish the Keto and Low Carb Success Program you will be able to:

  • Really be free from diet prison!
  • Understand that foods are your farmacy and which serve you best.
  • Find that your relationship with yourself is at the core of how we relate to food.
  • Follow any healthy eating lifestyle successfully because now you have the tools.
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About Me


I cracked the code, my friends. Are you ready for your transformation?

  • Learn about foods and new ways to cook and serve your family meals so that you don't have to cook separately for yourself.
  • Learn what foods feel great in your body.
  • Throw out your measuring cups and food scales. 
But honestly, these are the most important things you will get out of this program: 
  • How to mend your relationship with food
  • How to have your own back
  • How to be your own support system.
Show me the program!

Are you curious to know how we can work together? 

Awesome! Start here:

Keto and Low Carb Success Program, One-to-One Coaching, and Online Coaching

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Find the support you are looking for by phone or video. Explore cooking for your family, handling trigger situations at work, your goal setting strategy or support with stopping endless negative self-talk. 

One-to-One coaching is for me!
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Keto and Low Carb Success is a proven program that will help you to finally be successful. Do this by learning three pillars: Education, Practical Applications, and Mindfulness Practices.

Learn more about the Program
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Online coaching for  your questions and help with any situation. Some clients find that this is the most effective coaching because it can fit into any time limitations or situation constraints. Easy email correspondence. 

I would LOVE on-line coaching!


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 I am Free!


Miriam’s book and course have given me the information and guidance I have needed to take control of my daily food choices and really enjoy all that I eat. It truly has freed me from Diet Prison! I have especially benefitted from her holistic approach that speaks to both my physical and emotional well being. 

Selina M.

Voice of Experience


Miriam's voice of experience resonates with all of us who have struggled through a lifetime of dieting. Miriam buoys her clients with encouragement, acknowledging her own struggles.

Marsha S.

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Fresh Perspective

Miriam gave me a fresh perspective in planning meals, keeping it simple, and with simplicity, choosing a variety of foods that would keep me moving in the direction of my goals, wishes and dreams.

Elaine R.

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The Beach

The one thing I want you to do next is to sign up for my program. It will remove all the overwhelm, doubt and looping negative self-talk going on in your head.

You are smart and intelligent and worth it.


I did it. If this 70-year old grandma can figure it out, you can too!

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Dancing with Low Carb and Keto 

Learn how I turned my belly dance lessons into plate lessons!

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Dancing with Low Carb and Keto 

Learn how I turned my belly dance lessons into plate lessons!

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