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What podcasts do you listen to?

faq Jun 14, 2021

These are the podcasts I listen to. There are so many more, but there are, alas, only 24 hours in the day and there are other things to do! Some are no longer podcasting, but they are still available through various podcast subscription sites.

I want to toot my own horn here! Although my podcast is not specifically KETO oriented, I want to invite you to check out MY PODCAST, Roadmap to Diet Success. Find it HERE!

Here are the podcasts where I learned about Keto:

Keto Talk. Jimmy Moore and Will Cole (formerly with Dr. Adam Nally)

I learned the most during the episodes with Dr. Nally; Episodes 1-78 are with him. I am actually listening a second time through with notebook in hand because the information is so rich and I want to share it with you!

The Ketovangelist Podcast. Brian Williamson

Brian Williamson, the founder of Ketovangelist.com, brings on the most insightful and interesting guests. I feel I learn an incredible amount of information about how Keto affects our lives.

The Obesity Code Podcast. Jason Fung

What I like about this podcast is that they have real-life patients from the Intensive Dietary Management program talk about their experiences with being overweight and how fasting has helped them find balance in their lives.

Ketovangelist Kitchen. Brian Williamson and Carrie Brown

Hold on to your hats, folks! Sometimes they receive criticism for their endless banter, but in my opinion this is a hilarious podcast and incredibly informative. It started as a tag-on to The Ketovangelist Podcast, but the tag-ons that started as maybe 20 minutes sometimes ran to almost an hour, at which point they made their own podcast. It’s not just recipes — it is a fantastic education in the Ketogenic lifestyle.

The NuTritional Pearls Podcast. Christine Moore and Jimmy Moore

Christine, Jimmy Moore’s wife, received her NTP degree from the Nutritional Therapy Association. What they are doing with this show is taking each element of her coursework and addressing it in a podcast. Very informative work.

Keto Woman. Daisy Brackenhall

I think this podcast is what gave me the courage to start the Granny Keto website. Every week she interviews women who have been successful on the Ketogenic diet. I would listen to these podcasts and think, “Why not me?” She interviews intelligent women who are enthusiastic about the Ketogenic lifestyle and have something valuable about their experiences. Some of the interviewees have been on Keto less time than I have been and Daisy validates and respects their viewpoints and experiences. It gave me courage to acknowledge that I did not have to be perfect and know it all in order to still be of value to people who want to follow this way of eating.

Here are a few others:

  • Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb with Jimmy Moore
  • 2 Keto Dudes with Richard Morris and Carl Franklin
  • What the Fat with Dr. Ryan Lowery
  • Diet Doctor with Bret Scher
  • The Keto Happy Hour with Emily Pierce
  • The Keto Answers Podcast with Dr. Anthony Gustin

I want to toot my own horn here! Although my podcast is not specifically KETO oriented, I want to invite you to check out MY PODCAST, Roadmap to Diet Success. Find it HERE!

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