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eBook - Dancing with Low Carb and Keto

What if you could stop the dieting apps and countless counting and stressing? What if you could learn to dance and sing with your diet, instead of feeling like you have a ball and chain around your leg, tying you down?

This eBook, Dancing with Low Carb and Keto, is designed to help you realize and embrace the freedom that you’ll find in the Low Carb and Keto world. 

Join me as I help you learn to control your own schedule and pave your own path. You can’t afford not to!

Please note: 100% of the proceeds of the sales ($5 per book) are donated to Operation Footprint to support their cause in providing free surgical care to indigent children with a variety of inherited (genetic) and acquired conditions of the foot and ankle, such as clubfoot, lingering polio deformities, severe flatfoot, cerebral palsy, etc. This mission is special to my heart as my grandson has just graduated from his bracing and received care that most of these children - and mothers - never could even dream of.