Episode 4: How Many Days Go Into a Pound?

Season #1 Episode #4

This episode begins with explaining some of the concepts of a well-grounded Ketogenic diet, with an example of a meal with perfect ratios of protein to fat, which can, believe it or not, be a little harder sometimes to put into practice than limiting carbs. The episode also covers the Granny Keto Transitions Program™. I also fix the mixup regarding Shirataki Noodles and Shitake mushrooms!

Chris and Amy talk about their first week on the Transitions program, and Chris — ever the adventurous eater and cook — talked about some of his new recipes. They are both going to Edinburgh for New Year’s and we talked a bit about traveling with Keto, enjoying the native foods and where we might pick up when they return. 

Quote of the week:

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

- Winston S. Churchill

Original Air Date: January 17, 2019

For further information on Granny Keto's Transitions Program™ please see:

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