Episode 1: How I Became Granny Keto

Season #1 Episode #1

Welcome! This is the first episode of Chewing the Fat with Granny Keto.  I am Miriam Hatoum, also known as "Granny Keto." I am a wife, mother, and grandmother of two — and also a lifelong dieter. For years I was scolded by doctors and was never believed to be following diet advice — a horrible cycle that started when I was just 13 years old! 

Listening to Gary Taubes’s Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It, was my lightbulb moment, when for the first time I realized that the food itself was keeping me fat all these years and it was not my fault. I began Keto that day and never looked back. As a certified nutritional coach, I address the needs and concerns of older men, women and couples who are either doing Keto or are working on steps towards Keto through my Granny Keto Transitions Program™.

Through my website, course, books, YouTube channel and personal coaching, I offer help to navigate the waters of starting a Ketogenic diet.

Original Air Date: December 17, 2018

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