How to use my recipes

Please read this before reading my recipes

I am writing this section because it is important for you to understand how I have written these recipes. Some recipes will have the macro counts for the entire recipe. You will have to decide for yourself how many portions you want to make from it. In other words, you may want to make it into 8–10 portions and serve it as a side dish (the fauxtato salad, for instance) or make it into 3–4 portions for a main meal (the fauxtato salad, for instance!). Nutritional information in each recipe is a close proximation. Every source is different. I draw on information from the USDA, Calorie King and Carb Manager.

In addition to putting you in the driver's seat for picking portion size, I also want to teach you how to cook Keto. I want to do this by writing the "bones" of the recipe. Let’s take the fauxtato salad again for an example: I figured the macros on what I have written (1 ¼ pounds of cauliflower, ¼ cup each of celery, onion, bell pepper, in a small dice, the amount of mayonnaise, etc.).

Recipe variations will have to fit your cupboard and your preferences

Let's look at the possibility of how YOU will make the fauxtato salad depending on your preferences and what is on hand:

  • You weighed out your cauliflower and you have a few ounces less or a few ounces more, or you haven’t weighed it at all, but you picked a medium-sized head. Your carbohydrate count will be different from the one I noted.

  • You don’t have celery in the house, but you love onion, and bell peppers make you burp.

  • You have tons of celery in the house, have no onions, and you want to put in a dice of dill pickles in addition to – or instead of – the bell peppers.

  • You want to leave out the dice of bell peppers, but you think it would be fun to serve the fauxtato salad in colorful bell pepper boats.

  • You have no onions or celery, so you are going to use onion and celery powder. Hmm . . . You only have onion and celery salt, so you are going to leave out the salt.

  • You hate mustard, so you want to leave it out – but you love mayonnaise, so you want to use more of that.

Get the point????

Using recipes that don't have full macros

The second type of recipes I create and use don't even have bones (they are amoebas), but I will try my best to guide you, so you see how the recipes will fit into your meal plan. However, it is my hope that eventually you can live a Keto lifestyle where you will be free from tracking and weighing and measuring every single thing that goes into your mouth and that you will get to the point where you can look at a recipe or a serving or an entire meal and say, "Yes. That's Keto and it fits into my day.”

On to the amoebas and bones!

Enjoy your explorations and please let me know how these recipes work for you.


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