Caprese Salad

recipe salad Jun 14, 2021
Here is an amoeba recipe – TOTALLY nothing to weigh and measure (except to get your own macro counts) and no fancy ingredients. I am not even giving you the macros because it will totally depend upon how much cheese you use, the size of tomato and whether you drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It is a lovely summer salad, but I eat it all year round as a meal!

Ingredients and Directions


If all you have is a hard block that works too, although the softer fresh cheese makes a nice salad and presentation. Trader Joe's even has a log of pre-sliced semi-soft mozzarella that works well.


If you have a huge tomato and a narrow log of cheese, you can either leave it as is or slice each slice in half. Usually plum tomatoes are the same size as a log of mozzarella. Alternate slices of cheese and tomato.


You have several presentation options here: Leave the leaves whole, tear them up, or use a method called chiffonade (layering basil leaves on top of one another and then rolling them tightly and then slicing across into ribbons). Top the cheese and tomato slices.


Drizzle with olive oil (optional)


Sprinkle salad with vinegar. Do not use balsamic glazes as they are usually loaded with extra sugar. However, I do suggest that, if possible, you not use a cheap watery vinegar. If that is all you have, cook it down a bit yourself and let it cool before topping the salad. I use this one:  Due Vittorie Oro Gold Balsamic Vinegar. It is expensive but is liquid gold.


This is a staple meal for me. It's also what I bring when I need to bring something to a party.

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