Custom Coaching to Meet Your Needs

I am here to help you with your journey.  The pace can be all in (following Keto from the start or picking up your Keto journey where it is now) or you can transition into it with a step-by-step approach.

This step-by-step approach is based on my course Breaking Free From Diet Prison: The Roadmap the Low Carb and Keto Success. The steps, briefly, are (1) eliminate sugar and baked goods; (2) eliminate grains and legumes; (3) learn to eat low carb (bringing back in - or not - the foods eliminated in Steps 1 and 2); (4) cut back on fruit and eat adequate protein; and (5) eat higher fat. 

I can coach you through the entire program or work with you on becoming comfortable at any step(s).

Custom coaching can also see you through your low carb journey, shopping and cooking for the family, or individual areas such as working with your hunger scale or learning to constructively respond to urges.

My coaching is (and has always been) to meet you where you are and to take you to where you want to go.

Find the coaching program that works for you 

You can find just what you need with individual coaching or friends and family options. I guide you with personal recommendations for your success. 


Coaching Packages

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  • $199 for four 1-hour sessions

My motto has always been: Nutritional coaching that meets you where you are and gets you to where you want to go.

Whether you want coaching with my program Breaking Free From Diet Prison or whether you want to explore other paths, I am here for you.

We can work through the book or the course. I can provide you with any support you need such as cooking for your family, handling trigger situations at work, helping you with your goal setting strategy or supporting you in stopping negative self-talk.

Phone calls or video chat: Your choice!

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Join forces with friends or family to start your own group.

(If one person does not come for the meeting, that meeting will still be held, unless you have made arrangements with me – as your own private group – to reschedule.)


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Do you need some help to find the right direction? Do you have a challenge or two that you want some input on?

Then this option is just right for you. A one-hour call (video or phone) can get your questions answered and put you on path to your success.


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Unlimited e-mail coaching for one month.

24-hour turn-around with answers to your questions and help with any situation.

Some clients find that this is the most effective coaching because it can fit into any time limitations or situation constraints. 



*After choosing a package, you will need to contact Miriam via email to see if your desired time(s) are available.

Email Miriam!

What previous clients have to say...

“Miriam is on top of her game and will make anyone a great coach. She is always positive and upbeat. I have seen her lifestyle change since starting Keto. Not only does she look amazing but is so much healthier too. She has walked in your shoes and knows how it feels; whether you are thinking about this for weight loss or for your health, she will be there for you every step of the way. Not only will she make you a great coach, but you will be gaining a new friend too.”


Questions? Check out this FAQ

Coaching FAQ