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Keto and Low Carb Success
Balancing Rocks


Your Hunger Scale
Awesome Resource #1

Tired of weighing & measuring food? Tired of downloading digital food trackers? Just plain tired? At last learn to get out of diet prison forever. Learn to trust and listen to your body. YOU are in charge!

Cover of Keto Planner


Keto & LC Planner
Awesome Resource #2

A simple planner to give you a snapshot of your entire weight loss journey from the beginning stages through the various challenges and wins. Know yourself and find freedom with this great tracker.

Caprese Salad


Creative Meal Ideas
Awesome Resource #3

Trying to cut down on bread, sandwiches, muffins, bagels and cereals? At a loss how to do this with breakfast and lunch? Here are two worksheets to help you think outside the box.

Directional Signs for Good-Better-Best


Good - Better - Best
Awesome Resource #4

Don’t let good derail you because it might not be the best. Let go of perfection and learn to make your next-best decisions. Using the GOOD-BETTER-BEST method will get you there.

Donuts and Candy


Overcome Your Urges
Awesome Resource #5

An urge is a strong desire or impulse. An urge is a response to a trigger. The trigger could be physical, emotional, or habit. An urge is only a thought, my friend! Learn to change your immediate response.

Building Blocks


Five Steps to Keto
Awesome Resource #6

Based on my program, Granny Keto Transitions Program, this gives you the steps for Keto & Low Carb as well as four important food lists you will need: sugars, grains, rice, legumes.

Fish Swimming


End Keto Confusion
Awesome Resource #7

Have you been intrigued by Keto and have decided to “do” it but there is so much conflicting information out there that you feel lost and give up before you try? Here are your answers.

Chocolate Cake


You are Brilliant 
Awesome Resource #8

Learn the pull of sugar and use the worksheet to find out if you have a habit, physical or emotional – or all three – connection to wanting sugar and indeed, sometimes needing it.

Boxing Ring


Setting Goals 
Awesome Resource #9

"All the wind in the world cannot help a sailor who has no destination.” Set your goals the SMACKDOWN way. They will be reasonable, attainable & lasting, and get direction and wind in your sails.