Did you know that you don't have to spend money on a diet program or weigh, measure and track your food? What if you could learn to have success by following an easy Roadmap to Diet Success that takes you on an adventure to learn that you are smart, worthwhile and capable of finding the answers within yourself instead of from the outside diet industry? What if on this adventure you learn about what foods work best in your body and why? What if this roadmap brings you to strategies and perspectives that will support a healthy and sustainable weight loss or maintenance so that you can put dieting behind you and live your life? Join me, Miriam Hatoum, health coach, course creator and author of Breaking Free From Diet Prison, as I give you actionable coaching advice that is sure to empower you so that you will finally find peace with food and learn to trust your body’s signals.

This innovative podcast gives you information on diets and eating lifestyles. It shines a light on mindset and the physiology and psychology behind what we want to eat and why we want to eat it. It offers practical applications such as eating on the road or cooking for the family.

But best of all, every week Roadmap to Diet Success gives you actionable coaching advice, the same work that Miriam does with her clients.  


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Roadmap to Diet Success

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Episode 10: August 4, 2022

With this episode I begin a series of episodes that explores different eating styles and diets. This episode is all about Keto - its origins, what it is, and how to follow it. There is in-depth information on counting the three important macronutrients - carbohydrates, protein and fat. I explore common mistakes and how to avoid them. This week's actionable coaching advice directs you to blogs that you will find most helpful in your Keto journey. The most important part though, is understanding, overall, the "bones" of Keto which are used in all the eating styles I explore next.
1:13.        Personal Story
5:55.        The bones of Keto
9:41.         Carbohydrates
11:33.      How to count carbohydrates
13:33.      Protein
16:33.      Fat
18:31.      How to comfortably increase your fat intake.
20:37.      What mistakes are we making?
22:16.      Why are we making these mistakes?
23:33.      What is the cost of making these mistakes?
26:08.      This week's actionable coaching advice
28:06.      Special Offer: End Keto Confusion
30:50.      Episode 11

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What is Keto?
Is Keto Hard?
Three Ways to Count Carbohydrates
Keto FAQs


Episode 9: July 28, 2022

We need different routines and foods for summertime. The days are longer and might be busier. We might be on the road or going to summer parties. The same old same old does not work for summer, but it doesn't have to be a free-for-all either! Learn to use the tools you have in your arsenal so you aren't starting all over again in September.

1:14.      Listener of the Week
1:56.      Personal Story
4:03.      Summertime doesn't have to be three months of all you can eat!
4:45.      Protocol Meal Planning
5:53.      Use your Hunger Scale
6:19.      Use the Good-Better-Best method
7:33.       Kaisen
8:42.       It's the food!
9:27.       What mistakes are we making?
10:18.     Why are we making these mistakes?
12:02.     What is the cost of making these mistakes?
12:28.     Calling out a new way of doing things
15:45.     This week's ACTIONABLE COACHING advice
18:00.      Special Offers
                    Good-Better-Best Method
                    Hunger Scale
                    Breakfast & Lunch planning worksheets
22:37       Episode 10, coming up

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Episode 8: July 21, 2022

Walk through the process of Protocol meal planning so that you can get to the point where just thinking about what you might eat in a day is all you will need to stick to your eating plan and intentions. Learn how to build awareness so that, while you might start out weighing, measuring and tracking your food, you eventually confidently leave the shackles of diet prison behind by following this step-by-step process. Protocol - or template - meal planning is a way to build up small wins until you are confidently doing what you say you will do. It gives you a lot of rope, but not enough to hang yourself!

Make sure to download the free guide which has breakfast and lunch worksheets to give you ideas on how to plan your meals, and will be sure to get you out of any meal planning rut you might sometimes find yourself in.

1:14.     Personal Story
5:26.     Build Yourself a realistic and manageable roadmap
5:36.     What mistakes are we making?
6:36.     Why are we making these mistakes?
8:10.     What is the cost of making these mistakes?
8:57.     Calling out a new way of doing things
13:25.   Protocol meal planning
14:15.   The Evolution of Protocol planning
14:33.   Early protocol planning
18:37.   Next step planning
21:52.   Most experienced protocol planning
24:57.    Begin this process for yourself
25:46.    4th level of protocol planning
27:26.    This week's actionable coaching advice
30:58.     Special offer
33:50.     Episode 9, coming up

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Episode 7: July 14, 2022

The Good-Better-Best method is a great way to make your next best decision - whether that is with your next meal or choosing water instead of a sugared drink. Let's get out of all-or-nothing thinking  which will never be achieved anyway. Don't let the misguided striving for perfection be the enemy of good - which is the first step any of us need to take. 

Also learn about decision fatigue here and more on my blog about why the Good-Better-Best Method is one of the strongest tools in your arsenal for getting out of diet prison. 

Here is your free guide to the Good-Better-Best Method.

1:14.     Learn to cut off decision fatigue at the knees
3:21.      What is the one decision you must make?
3:34.      Examples of GOOD choices
4:31.      Examples of BETTER choices
5:28.      Examples of BEST choices
7:23.      What mistakes are we making?
8:47.      Good is a valid option on your journey
10:35.    Why are we making these mistakes?
11:23.    What is the cost of making these mistakes?
12:07.    Calling out a new way
13:49.     This week's ACTIONABLE COACHING advice
16:55.     Special Offer
19:04.     Episode 8, coming up

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Episode 6: July 7, 2022

In this episode learn all about how to track your hunger and satiety cues. If you have been using Apps, commercial diets, or tracking of some sort up to now, hold on to your hats. Pick your hard... it takes time (and might seem hard) to learn how to respond to your body's need for food (and quantities), but once you learn this, you will see that the other ways are hard. Never again weigh, measure or track your food. Learning your hunger scale is THE most important tool in your roadmap tool kit. Trust yourself. YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS WITHIN YOU, MY FRIEND. Here is the link to the blog I wrote about the hunger scale, and also be sure to download my hunger scale (but listen to the podcast to see how to construct different kinds that might be better for you): miriamhatoum.com/hunger-scale.

1:12     Personal story
5:01     Learning your hunger scale is perhaps the most important key for getting out of diet prison (and What mistakes are we making?)
6:50     Why are we making these mistakes?
7:06     What is the cost of making these mistakes?
7:36     Calling out a new way of doing things
8:45     The Hunger Scale
13:15   This weeks' actionable coaching advice
15:34   Special Offer
17:32   Episode 7, coming up

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Episode 5: July 7, 2022

In this episode learn all about the SMACKDOWN way of setting goals. Learn how more about how goals are different from WHYs, but how to do the process the same way. Just as your WHY can be an umbrella for many WHYs, you will learn to see that one goal might actually be an umbrella for many goals. There are a few mistakes that people make in setting goals, and this episode will help you make them clear the SMACKDOWN way: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Compatible and do them in a way that you can Keep them going. Do them, Own them, Write them down and do them Now. Be sure to download my SMACKDOWN goal-setting sheet to help you figure it all out. It is available at miriamhatoum.com/smackdown.

1:10    Personal Story
2:59    It is important to know how to set and use goals along your Roadmap to Diet Success.
10:32  Here is the difference again between a WHY and a goal
11:53  There are a few mistakes that people make with setting goals
12:55  The cost of making the mistakes is that you never get going
13:55  This week's actionable coaching advice
15:43  Special Offer
17:19  Episode 6, coming up

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Episode 4: July 7, 2022

Explore the reason that WHY you working towards a more healthy lifestyle is morning important than how much willpower you have. Follow me on my personal journey to how and WHY I got to where I am today with my book, course, website and this podcast. I found that crises clarified my WHYs along this journey and why those WHYS made me strong. It had nothing to do with willpower. My actionable coaching advice this week guides you in the process of finding your WHYs. You will find that you may have many current and fluid WHYs that will sustain you through your journey. Make sure to download this episode's free guide: Five Steps Out of Diet Prison and Four Lists You Need.

1:13    Personal Story
13:04  WHYs need to be fluid and ever-changing.
18:19  What mistakes we are making with the WHY process.
18:40  Why are we making these mistakes?
19:07  What is the cost of making these mistakes?
19:37  This week's actionable coaching advice
21:25  Special Offer
23.30  Episode 5, coming up

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Episode 3: July 7, 2022

In this episode, "It's the Food!" we learn about what the food itself does to our bodies. Too high insulin can result in very high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes. It can also lead to a cascade of metabolic problems.  Besides insulin, other hunger hormones, such as ghrelin and leptin get out of whack, further thwarting your weight loss efforts. This episode shares with you my personal story, what I learned and what I want to teach you about now.  Your actionable coaching advice will get you started on learning to be aware of your hunger signals and what to do with that incoming information. I share with you a hunger scale (download) to use to get you started. Another bonus guide I am giving you here is the Good-Better-Best Method (download) so that you can start to make some good decisions right now.

1:12    My personal story
5:16    It's important to learn what food does in your body (the roles of your hunger hormones)
13:50  What mistakes do we make?
15:30  The cost of making the mistakes
16:43  This week's actionable coaching advice 
19:44   Special Offer
21:51   Episode 4, coming up

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Episode 2: July 7, 2022

This episode explores your relationship with yourself, which sets the stage for your relationship with food and eating. I give you my personal story of when I didn't even approach The Land of Good Enough and teach you about the parable of Buddha's Second Arrow which tells us that pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.  I explore what mistakes we dieters are making and, more importantly, why we make these mistakes.  I give you advice on how to talk to yourself as well as helpful coaching advice that will set you well on your way to changing your self-talk into a positive road to get you to where you want to go. Here is the link to the blog I wrote on having a mindset shift. I also invite you to download my free guide: The Good-Better-Best Method from www.miriamhatoum.com/gbb.

1:14   Your relationship with yourself.
6:33    Mindset is more important than the diet. What mistakes are we making?
11:09  Why do we make these mistakes?
14:35  Here is some advice in talking to yourself
17:39  This week's actionable coaching advice
21:13  Special Offer
23:15  Episode 3, coming up

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Episode 1: July 7, 2022

Sometimes our weight loss efforts are thwarted by popular diet myths. We get hung up on trying to follow all the diet rules and we lose sight of the fact that some don’t make any sense or are not supported by the latest science. We are not machines. Each person has their own metabolism, likes and dislikes, cultural backgrounds, habits and lifestyles. Do you need to count calories? Do you need to track? Do you need to eat at certain times? Listen to this episode and find answers that will help you clear some of the diet-rule clutter that you have been experiencing. Visit miriamhatoum.com/gbb to find your free guide for the Good-Better-Best Method.

1:14     What is your dieting history?  
2:51     There are diet myths that need to be unraveled 
3:45     Myth #1
7: 27    Myths #2, #3, #4 and #5 
11:55   Myths #6 and #7
14:39   Myth #8
16:30   Myth #9
17:18   Myth #10
19:17   A Better Way
20:21   Diet Success is not the same for everyone
21: 38  This week's actionable coaching advice
22:41   Special Offer
24:29   Episode 2, coming up