Charcuterie Plate: KISS

recipe Jun 14, 2021
Doing a lot of things this week, plus needing to bring something to a party on Sunday. Answer to both? A charcuterie plate. Charcuterie means cold cooked meats, but when going to a party I make it more like an antipasto plate (pictured below) and include not only the meats plus cheeses, but make a whole plate which includes different kinds of olives, cornichons, marinated mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh cherry tomatoes, grilled peppers and hearts of palm. The combinations are endless but easy and a quick trip to a place like Trader Joe’s will net everything you need in just that one trip and with a hand basket to boot! Find some great antipasto plates pictures on Pinterest or even just by browsing online and replicate them if you are not confident about your own artistry.

Oh, and the KISS? This is maybe the best meal ever to KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETHEART!

Types of meats - including but not limited to:

Salami (sky’s the limit on how many you want to include)



Types of cheese - including but not limited to:


Cheddar (not Italian but always good on a charcuterie plate to go with the salami!)



Types of additions - including but not limited to:

Olives (visit a good olive bar for endless varieties or just go with basic black and green)

Cornichons (small pickles)

Hearts of palm

Sun-dried tomatoes and fresh cherry tomatoes

Marinated artichoke hearts

Marinated mushrooms

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